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Welcome to Eye Site Vision Center
Our Optometrist in Boca Raton, Coral Springs & Lighthouse Point 


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About Dr. Goberville

Dr. Gary Goberville is a board-certified optometrist who specializes in sports vision correction, pediatrics, and adult ocular health. He graduated from Boston, Massachusetts’ New England School of Optometry, where he earned a Doctor of Optometry degree. He then moved on to work at Nova Southeast University as a professor of pediatric optometry.

Dr. Goberville is passionate about eye care even when he’s not at the office. He gives his time to the Broward County Optometric Association, where he once served as its president.

Through the years, Dr. Goberville has stayed up-to-date on the newest cutting edge vision diagnostic and testing equipment. His tests can detect brain tumors, diabetes, foreign bodies, eye infections, and glaucoma at the onset of these diseases.

Services We Offer

At Eye Site Vision Center, our eye doctor Dr. Goberville and the rest of our talented staff offer many services in addition to the ones mentioned above.

  • Specialty Contact Lenses: Whether you have normal contact needs or require hard-to-fit contacts for certain eye diseases like keratoconus, come see our optometrist in Boca Raton for contact fittings. We offer such contacts as extended-wear disposable, extended-wear non-disposable, daily-wear soft, and rigid gas-permeable.
  • Glasses and Sunglasses: If you don’t prefer contacts, that’s okay, too. We also offer glasses fittings at Eye Site Vision Center. When it comes to choosing your sunglasses, you shouldn’t just pick the first pair you like off the rack at a convenience store. These must shield your eyes from UV rays. Our sunglasses are functional and fashionable, too.
  • Eye Exams: A comprehensive eye exam will test for vision changes, eye abnormalities, and detect early stages of many eye diseases we mentioned above.
  • Lasik: For clearer vision without contacts or glasses, millions nationwide have chosen to undergo Lasik surgery. This fast surgery uses painless lasers to erase astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. Dr. Goberville has overseen many Lasik procedures himself at our office. He’s also in charge of the pre-operative and post-operative exams.
  • Ortho-K: An alternative to Lasik, Ortho-K or orthokeratology alters the shape of your cornea over time. This isn’t done surgically though, but through using specialized contact lenses overnight. Dr. Goberville will be involved in your Ortho-K experience from beginning to end.
  • Sports Vision: Athletes sometimes have different vision needs from non-athletes, which is why our eye doctor will offer sports vision testing. This includes depth perception tests, eye tracking, and hand-eye coordination tests.
  • Computer Vision: Many Americans spend far too long staring at screens. Whether these are the computer, smartphone, or TV screens, the result is the same. You could develop computer vision syndrome, which is characterized by shoulder and neck aches, itchy dry eyes, headaches, eye strain, and blurry vision. Come see Dr. Goberville ask about computer vision treatment.

Contact Us Today at Any of Our Convenient Multiple Locations

At Eye Site Vision Center, we have multiple locations so it’s more convenient for you to prioritize your eye health. Come see us in Boca, Lighthouse Point, and Coral Springs.

To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 954-344-3937 or schedule an appointment today online.

Coral Springs

2344 N University Dr
Coral Springs, FL 33065

Lighthouse Point
(954) 943-3779
2490 N. Federal Hwy
Lighthouse Point, FL 33064

Boca Raton
(561) 479-1411
9874 Yamato Rd. Bay 120
Boca Raton, FL 33434